This place used to be an active “GFX community” that helped various people take their first steps in creative fields.
404 Did not seem like a fitting end, so I decided to pick up the domain and provide something a little better for the people that return.
I hope you enjoy(ed) your time at Tech-GFX.

Pieter “gamepr0” V.

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  1. Mar 18 2019sindaodd that the gfx communites are dead like this.
  2. Feb 21 2019griffinaxSup niggerlovers
  3. Feb 21 2019lum1damn gp, so much memories
  4. Feb 14 2019natedogggaRIP
  5. Jan 11 2019gamepr0Happy new year to you too specter00. Funny that you still remember my avatar :D
  6. Jan 7 2019specter00i still remember gamepr0 with the garfield avatar, also one2, and someothers... geez happy new year fam
  7. Jan 7 2019specter00no way this went down :O
  8. Dec 16 2018gamepr0Finally took the time to fix the recaptcha implementation. Here's to a clean shoutbox after removing 6272 spam shouts.
  9. May 10 2018gamepr0Wish I could sam, this is the best I've got for now.
  10. Apr 22 2018samDang, would be sick for one of these to make it back into reality
  11. Apr 16 2018gamepr0Hello there :D thanks for letting me know you stopped by :)
  12. Mar 28 2018HandbagstoryHow is you doing today!
  13. Mar 28 2018HandbagstoryHELLO WORLD
  14. Jan 28 2018gamepr0Hi all, do let me know if you have something to share, like a better screenshot of Tech-GFX v2. Maybe even v1?
  15. Jan 28 2018gamepr0I don't have the database of users so a simple nickname text field will have to do. Please behave :)